Second time visit

Yesterday I had a visit from a senior girl who was in need of some discipline after committing several rather silly and potentially serious misdemeanours on her part .

After a very long almost 3 hours drive to visit me she arrived and changed into her new maroon school pinafore dress with matching tie , she certainly looked the part .

It had been at least 6 months since her last visit and since she had received any form of corporal punishment .so she was finding the initial over my knee hand spanking hard to take so I eased off and sent her to the corner to cool down .

I like everyone who visits me to get the most out of their time during the session as most travel many miles and wait many months and have to save up to afford petrol these days, so I help them to push their limits which they appreciate and always send them home happy and fulfilled.

After her cool down in the corner she bent over the school desk with her legs through the chair and taking my time allowing her time to breath after each slap applied fist the tawse followed by the ferule and then the strop.

Lastly before allowing her to stand up I caned her with 3 different canes but only light strokes just for the experience .

As the session ended she changed back into her normal day dress and I asked as I always do if she had enjoyed her visit and she said very much and thanked me for pushing her limits and requested to visit me again in a few months .

I texted her later that day to ensure she had arrived home safely and she assured me she had and once again thanked me for taking the time to see her.

If you would like to visit me please send me a message and we will discuss your needs .

I get far more requests than actual visits as many are just fantasy or time wasters .

All comments posted to this blog are first sent to me for approval so any spam or derogatory posts are sent directly down the toilet where they belong.

Below is an image of a beautiful leather paddle also used during the session which was a present from a long time friend from the scene who has since retired


Punishment by appointment

I am always being approached by adult school boys and girls wanting to visit me for punishments but this is not that easy for me to be able to do privately as a 121 at my home so.

I’m now hosting day schools in Yorkshire the next one is Oct 15th , if you would like the opportunity to visit my study message me direct then bring a signed letter addressed to me requesting punishment along with your school entrance fee on the day and I shall deal with you accordingly .

Yorkshire adult school afternoons for enthusiasts

Hello to all adult school enthusiast

I am now hosting regular school afternoons with occasional after parties in a what I consider to be one of the most authentic school venues I’ve ever had the pleasure to host my school parties at .

My next school party will be on June 11th from 1pm till 6pm if you would like to attend e mail me at please include your full details including age male or female or mixed gender and a facial photograph would be good to prove who you are who say you are .

I will reply with full payment details .

Some images from The Yorkshire school .

Chastisement online

During my 30 years in the adult school and Domestic Discipline scene I have helped many to get back on the right track and focus on their life instead of wasting it away in the wrong direction and getting nowhere in life .

I have Mentored many online and some purely as role play but in most cases it has been for real issues in there lives , but you can only do so much via text or e mail and it does not have the same impact or physical impression on the body if someone is many miles away and they cant get to me for some much needed discipline, then I do online chastisement via webcam or skype or whattsapp under my direction them spanking themselves or a partner husband doing it to them under my exact instructions .

If you feel you would benefit from such online chastisement, then message me via the link provided or by direct e mail

I’m very selective as to who I will indulge in this with and you will have to prove who you are and supply me with the details I require I wont just jump onto skype or cam with anyone .

The Tawse

I am the proud owner of a real leather high quality tawse made in Lochgelly Scotland where corporal punishment was legal and in general use on school children at school and in the home and by the catholic brothers and nuns.

Today the tawse is used on and by consenting adults in role play and for those adults who desire harsher discipline to relive their own personal earlier experiences or purely that they enjoy the fear and trepidation of a forthcoming punishment

The tawse if used correctly can leave superficial to deep read marks across a naked bottom, or on the palms of the hands but if used incorrectly or to harshly can leave long lasting deep red purple marks that last for weeks or more.

The Professors Study March 2020

At my school in Birmingham last weekend my study was once again like Kings Cross Station so busy with naughty adult boys and girls in need of correction and punishment .

I spanked paddled and caned as many bottoms this term as I have in a long time including a large influx from Scotland who were very  mischievous.

I have included a few of those who were in need of punishments in my photos

My School review Term Nov 2019

Well what a fantastic term that was.

What has to be one of the  busiest  and fun  for all terms weave had yet at Birmingham  filled with various classes from both new and established teachers . including maths geography  Erotic composition The Movies and the School Xmas concert .

Some key points during the day were my Movie class  were pupils had to guess the movie, fun short reenactments of   1. the famous  interrogation and leg crossing scene from Basic Instinct performed by xBrattylittlex   who with her long legs was perfect for the part 2  The famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally  performed by clairebear35 whos  excitable and fun personality carried the part of  to enjoyment of all Pupils and teachers alike .

My Headmasters study had a queue all  afternoon of pupils sent for punishment so much so that I had to enlist the help of many teachers including Matron to help with some spankings.

The afternoon concluded with music teacher Mr Jools  leading pupils and teachers in the first school xmas concert which went down very well .

My thanks to all teachers who put so much effort into their classes and to the pupils who were all well on form and full of mischief including water pistol firing  bell wringing and paper plane throwing among other things that were being thrown.

The school lived up to its name  and once again many Red Bottoms were produced and sent home happy , we will do it all over again on March 7th 2020

Till then I wish  you all a very Happy Christmas and a Excellent New Year.

The Strop

I have just  purchased a brand new high quality leather Strop  whilst in Manchester my home town on a short break .It has a doubled  leather hide which is attached with chrome bolts to a solid hardwood  handle .

It will certainly sting when applied to palms of the hands and leave some nice stripes when applied to a deserving bare bottom .

School days In Birmingham

On June 1st this year I moved my school days to a new authentic 60s style school room in Birmingham which is excellent , we had a packed school room with a mix of genders . The next term is  July 27th which is now fully booked  but places are available for the 3rd term on Sept 7th  but you will need to be quick as places in class are going quickly .

For further details see the school website here


Canes what you need to know


Canes used for discipline purposes come in different sizes, lengths and weights.

junior canes (light canes) Nursery canes these are normally about 8mm in diameter and 60cm long. These were used for the younger children hence the name junior. The nursery cane was used for pre school age children.

The senior cane .. A heavier type of cane 10 mm diameter 75-80 cm long

The Reformatory cane …. This is also had the nick name the Boarstal cane named after the Boarstal reformatory. This cane was 12 mm diameter and 90-100 cm long it was often used in severe cases and reserved for the older inmates.

The Singapore cane 13-15 mm in diameter and 1.2 m long This cane is used in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei for the judicial and prison punishment of adult criminals. It can cause deep wounds and permanent scaring.

kaboo canes

Junior kaboo cane This is 6-8mm in diameter 75-85 cm long. This type of cane is quiet flexible therefore it is fairly stingy . It may not be as severe as a junior Dragon cane but it will whip down and sting.

Senior kaboo cane This is 8-10mm diameter 80-90cm long .They are quite thuddy without being as severe as the dragon canes. .

Dragon canes

Junior dragon cane This is 6-8mm diameter 80-95cm long and are very stingy.

Senior dragon cane This is 10-12mm diameter 90-110cm long.. The density & thickness of these canes results in a very intense sensation, leaving clearly defined marks.

Effects of canning
Caning with a heavy judicial rattan of the Singapore/Malaysia kind can leave scars for years, where a large number of strokes are inflicted. However, this should not be confused with an ordinary caning with a typical light rattan (as formerly in English schools), which, although very painful at the time, would not leave lasting scars.

Caring for your cane )

Remember Your cane is a natural product. It can rot and warp if not stored in the correct manner. To keep your cane in tip top condition always store the cane in a tube or in a vertical position.
You can soaks canes in linseed oil. then they will whip down on any bottom with ease.
For a stinger cane attach a funnel to the end of the cane and allow Linseed Oil to soak down the cane over a period of a week or two. This will make the cane ultra flexible. a Koboo cane is in effect a honeycomb of tubes that run the length of the cane.

To make a cane extra heavy soak the cane overnight in a bath of water. This will increase it’s weight 2 fold and make a bigger impression.

Using a cane

If new to using a cane then practice first on a cushion .That way you will know how far the cane flexes. As a rule the end of the cane should directly hit the cheek furthest away and not curl around the thighs.
Do not hit the lower back or kidney area, doing so WILL cause serious injury.

I can recommend my personal choice for cane of real quality

Below are  four of my own canes  note the smoothness and evenest