New school and a new party Feb 11th


My relationship with  the venue the schools have been held at over the last 2 years has now come to an end, so I have had to find new place to hold the school days.

Im pleased to say I have now found a new venue and the next school will be held on feb 11th in Norwich UK .

If you are interested in attending here is the link

Although my health is not great and I shall not be doing very much i can always sit down to spank a naughty bottom .




New Term begins Dec 17th

Hello all you naughty boys and girls we begin a new term at St-Redbottoms  on Dec 17th starting at 2pm through till 6.30pm  with a new curriculum and a new Teaching Staff  and some very interesting classes some with an xmas pantomime theme .

As usual all bad behaviour with be dealt with by myself my  Dept  my Teaching staff and my new Head girl, sore very red bottoms are assured for the naughty ones in class .

Some places still available in  class  apply to myself here or directly to

There will be a separate party in the evening from 8 till late anyone attending the school is welcome  contact me for full details .


Another school day comes to a close

Well sat Sept 3rd saw yet another term at St-Redbottoms school which quietly nestles in rural Norfolk at The Old Convent, build around 1570 it was originally a home for wayward nuns  and a place where wayward students learn what their =bottoms are for.

This term saw pupils attending from all over the UK including Scotland and wales and even an exchange student from far away  Florida.

Classes included History Biology Art Geography and Sociology.

Although behavior during classes.was quite good there were many who where sent to my study and of course i administered discipline of various kinds including hand spanking otk the leather Janus Paddle and of course for the badly behaved the cane.

We will return on Dec 17th for the last term of 2016 .

As you  can see i did my  best to uphold the standards of the school  at St-Redbottoms

A big thank you to my Dpt Mr Paulus  for taking all images as required by the board of governors.



New Study

I am now accepting female students in need of correctional therapy at my newly located study in Norwich East Anglia UK see my new images .
I am a very strict disciplinarian.
I have well over 30 years of real life hands on experience in dealing with adult students in need of discipline .
After an initial chat over a cup of tea to confirm your need and desire for discipline you will be sent to change into your version of uniform and sent to wait outside my study door until told to enter, after a firm lecturing an initial spanking will be given over my knee with your skirt up, your knickers will then be pulled down to your ankles to bare your bottom which will be thoroughly spanked by my hard hand, then if your behavior has warranted it we will proceed with a slippering or the leather Janus paddle or similar all the way up to a caning if this is the requirement
I see single and married partnered females also couples by private appointment in my study in Norwich.
Implements used are the slipper leather paddle leather belt strap tawse riding crop and my selection high quality swishy canes that will sting and leave nice lines across your bottom,
I make no charges and will accept no tokens for discipline, this is simply something i do as part of my chosen lifestyle and I enjoy helping those live out there dreams and fantasy’s that some have yearned for most of their lives.
If you would like to be punished alongside another naughty female student please mention it in your application.
Overnight boarding can be arranged with prior notice to include bedtime spankings in your pjs or dropseats.
Appointments are strictly by prior notice and anyone making an appointment who dosnt turn up will not be given a second chance and will be added to a time wasters list, my time is precious dont wast it please.
I only accept male students who are part of a couple when both are to be disciplined unless they have previously been punished by me and are personal friends.

September 3rd next term

Hello again everyone and thank you for reading my blog

The next school day will be Sept 3rd  when naughty boys and girls will return to  St-Redbottoms  school in North Norfolk  and the Headmaster and his Teaching staff will attempt once more to instill some discipline and knowledge into some very unruly delinquents heads and bottoms.

If you would like to attend the school we still have some student places available so  please contact myself direct  to be accepted.

Last term my study was very busy indeed and with the help of my Dept Mr Paulus  we kept good order and delivered many a good smacked bottom on the day  I hope you enjoy the results of all my hard work .

The Headmaster .

The birch

Much has been written about the Birch and im no expert when it comes to making one, but i have used one on several occasions and did attend a workshop some years ago so I have a good understanding of what is required and how best to apply it.

The first thing is you need plenty of room to swing  a reasonably long and potentially heavy  birch  to give the correct impact on the buttocks  which should of course always be bared  as you need to be able to observe  the results as you apply the strokes to be aware of any bleeding or excessive cuts.

Also its best to birch in an empty room or at least plain flooring as splinters can break off and fly all over the place once you get into a rhythm of  strokes .

Keep your birch soaked in water after you have cut the branches and bound them together return to soaking after use  although you may need to just make a new one as they soon begin to dry out and break up after as couple of good sessions of use.

I always have antiseptic wipes handy to wipe the buttocks with after a good birching as I like to ensure no infection has been caused  and obviously as a caring person no real damage has been done .

I have added some images of the Birch workshop and also  some of  a session outside in the grounds of  a school day i used to  have several years ago .