New Study

I am now accepting female students in need of correctional therapy at my newly located study in Norwich East Anglia UK see my new images .
I am a very strict disciplinarian.
I have well over 30 years of real life hands on experience in dealing with adult students in need of discipline .
After an initial chat over a cup of tea to confirm your need and desire for discipline you will be sent to change into your version of uniform and sent to wait outside my study door until told to enter, after a firm lecturing an initial spanking will be given over my knee with your skirt up, your knickers will then be pulled down to your ankles to bare your bottom which will be thoroughly spanked by my hard hand, then if your behavior has warranted it we will proceed with a slippering or the leather Janus paddle or similar all the way up to a caning if this is the requirement
I see single and married partnered females also couples by private appointment in my study in Norwich.
Implements used are the slipper leather paddle leather belt strap tawse riding crop and my selection high quality swishy canes that will sting and leave nice lines across your bottom,
I make no charges and will accept no tokens for discipline, this is simply something i do as part of my chosen lifestyle and I enjoy helping those live out there dreams and fantasy’s that some have yearned for most of their lives.
If you would like to be punished alongside another naughty female student please mention it in your application.
Overnight boarding can be arranged with prior notice to include bedtime spankings in your pjs or dropseats.
Appointments are strictly by prior notice and anyone making an appointment who dosnt turn up will not be given a second chance and will be added to a time wasters list, my time is precious dont wast it please.
I only accept male students who are part of a couple when both are to be disciplined unless they have previously been punished by me and are personal friends.


3 thoughts on “New Study

    1. Hello thomas
      Appointments at my study are for females only .
      Your welcome to attend my schooldays which have mixed classes


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