Headmasters Remarks

School Dec 2018




The school day began with my 1pm staff meeting followed by calling the Register and singing the School Hymn.
Then I held the regular Uniform Inspection and the usual suspects were found out and spanked .
I then appointed my new Dpt Headmaster Mr Jools.
lillas was pulled out for handing me a rude lollipop and spanked

Miss Jeanie gave an excellent Maths class on The shapes you need to know +
xmas game
Followed by a new teacher Mr Judge his class was about Medieval torture and its use in BDSM.

Mr Jools then stepped in for Mt Libido who could not attend and gave an interesting and fun Music game

We then had a Break of 30 mins.

We began late afternoons classes with The Reverend Wackford gave a very interesting talk all about canes & leather
followed swiftly by another new teacher Monsieur Le Main whose French lesson was interesting educational and fun.
Dpt Head Mr jools ended the school day with a very interactive Nativity which involved
all students and teaching staff

Mr Gavin excellently assisted

We then had the winning house Price giving
followed by all the students lining up for a good end of term spanking from myself and all the teaching staff, as overall the behaviour was quite good as several of the regular unruly students were away from school for various reasons.

I am now planning further school dates for 2019



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