My School review Term Nov 2019

Well what a fantastic term that was.

What has to be one of the  busiest  and fun  for all terms weave had yet at Birmingham  filled with various classes from both new and established teachers . including maths geography  Erotic composition The Movies and the School Xmas concert .

Some key points during the day were my Movie class  were pupils had to guess the movie, fun short reenactments of   1. the famous  interrogation and leg crossing scene from Basic Instinct performed by xBrattylittlex   who with her long legs was perfect for the part 2  The famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally  performed by clairebear35 whos  excitable and fun personality carried the part of  to enjoyment of all Pupils and teachers alike .

My Headmasters study had a queue all  afternoon of pupils sent for punishment so much so that I had to enlist the help of many teachers including Matron to help with some spankings.

The afternoon concluded with music teacher Mr Jools  leading pupils and teachers in the first school xmas concert which went down very well .

My thanks to all teachers who put so much effort into their classes and to the pupils who were all well on form and full of mischief including water pistol firing  bell wringing and paper plane throwing among other things that were being thrown.

The school lived up to its name  and once again many Red Bottoms were produced and sent home happy , we will do it all over again on March 7th 2020

Till then I wish  you all a very Happy Christmas and a Excellent New Year.



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