The Headmasters Study March 2020

At my school in Birmingham last weekend my study was once again like Kings Cross Station so busy with naughty adult boys and girls in need of correction and punishment .

I spanked paddled and caned as many bottoms this term as I have in a long time including a large influx from Scotland who were very  mischievous.

I have included a few of those who were in need of punishments in my photos


6 thoughts on “The Headmasters Study March 2020

  1. Good Afternoon HeadmasterGreat photos. I am so sad that I missed the photos again but I was so worried about my mum. If I had the time over again I would have taken my coat off and come back in. I am sometimes my own worst enemy. I was glad you caned me. I think Tass Dom had told you after I didn’t want caning but I would have said something if I hadn’t wanted you to do it. It was very scary and stingy though. I trust you and also the Judge. My bottom is not as tough as a lot of the pupils seem to be but I trust in your judgement and experience to take that into account. Next time I will hopefully get loads of photos. I am quite jealous seeing all the photos of the other pupils. I may just leave my phone in the hotel in May and tell my family I am unavailable and they will have to look after each other. May I say that when I saw you in the lift you looked so sexy I could have just fallen into your arms. Sorry if that is inappropriate because I know you have your own sub. I am just saying what i felt. I don’t think I could cope with the academy in September. I am not very good at sleeping in a shared room. Could probably manage for one night but not 4. I would not sleep well and get very overtired and anxious and probably weepy as well . Take care. See you soon.Love Tracey x.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    1. Yes I did offer as you know and wanted you to come back but you were on your way out .I was also aware that you have a new Dom and so was being careful with your caning so not so hard as the others.
      Thats very flattering to hear thank you, I also had another pupil showing great interest in me ,and I thought I was past it lol. same to you in these uncertain times.


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